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Ciao a tutti !

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Ciao a tutti !

Messaggio Da Erick3331 il Mar Giu 23, 2015 7:04 pm

Hello,Ciao. I'm Erik Czakoi,35 years, I live in Slovakia - 8 years racing more leagues :F1,Endurance,Gt1,Gt3,Super GT and DTM. I have experience in rFactor,GTR2,GSC and GTL simulators. I really like the Endurance,Gt3 and DTM.
I can not wait to have you compete. If possible I would like you to registered the ELMS-Championship. See you soon on the track Wink

Regards : Erick.

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Re: Ciao a tutti !

Messaggio Da Admin il Mar Giu 23, 2015 7:16 pm

Greetings Erik! It's a very big pleasure to see you on our forum! Of course you can register on ELMS! As soon as we open the registration we will take a place for you! We are closing some small details and then we go! I think it's time to translate our post! Thank you very much!!!!

Mariano Calò

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